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P4:Shirogane The Killjoy Detective December 16, 2013

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"K-Killjoy!? What is this? Who came up with this demeaning epithet?!"

Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena was a character that surprised me in a big way and thus also made a lasting impression on me. In the game and anime Naoto is introduced as a male junior detective. **SPOILER** Closer to the end of the game, we discover Naoto struggles with being treated as and feeling inferior because of her age, and tries to cover up her true gender to guard against the misgivings that she cannot fit the model of a “detective” she wishes for. I really empathized with Naoto’s thoughts that being male would be more convenient. .*//END SPOILER**
♥ All of this made me into a super-huge Naoto fan but going out and actually trying to role play as Naoto would be difficult for someone like me and so I’m organized some of my thoughts on RPing as this video game character.



1) Naoto is Serious Business

Naoto is “the killjoy detective” in persona arena and it’s a fitting title.
When role playing her it is important to maintain your composure and stick to your guns as far as discussions go. Shirogane is very verbal and likes to explain and re-explain things for clarity, using the most pragmatic approach possible. She’s also a know-it-all and can be logical to a fault. Considering Naoto has loved mystery novels since childhood, role playing her can sometimes be as simple as approaching every situation with an array of detective-esce questions. She’s very Type A; often Naoto takes the initiative in organizing people and events. She’s dedicated to her work and will pour herself into any project she undertakes.

2) Naoto Doesn’t Play Nice with Others

Part of the joy of cosplaying a detective character is that detectives both solve mysteries while maintaining a mysterious demeanor. Naoto is not the type of character to offer up personal information. She is socially adept and perfectly fine introducing herself but does so in a concise and professional manner, and can come off as cold in social situations because of her regal air. Thus, even close friends only see Naoto’s true self in embarrassed glimpses—she is shy about her self image and sharing it with others is new to her.

3) Compliments

Naoto is typically pretty shy when the crowds’ attention is on anything other than her intellect. So when one is roleplaying as Naoto and another cosplayer wants to comment on her physical features, Naoto’s first reaction is to get either angry or embarrassed. Or possibly both.


4) Speak Easy


One of the most interesting features of P4 and the development of Naoto Shirogane’s character was how Naoto’s voice developed over the game. To cover her shyness about her gender, Naoto will speak in a low, gruff, but easily understood voice that commands attention. However, as she becomes more comfortable around her friends her voice actually goes up in pitch over the course of the game. When she is communicating to others or setting up a new theory, Naoto readily recalls and re-describes a situation or event and speaks using precise (and often big) words to fit with her high I.Q.


5) That Look on her Face

Naoto isn’t the type to be tipsy and over zealous at social gatherings. While perhaps not opposed to a responsible drink, Naoto doesn’t ever really “loosen up” and sticks to her “killjoy detective” tagline. He face is usually hard to read as far as expressions go. This is an important aspect that reflects both the mysterious demeanor Naoto casts on herself and the shyness and social anxiety she experiences.


Thanks for taking a read of my cosplay notes.

I hope that if you ever want to role play in this character’s shoes that these notes are helpful to you.

Feel free to leave me feedback as well~ ♥ Superkait