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Naka Kon 2014 March 17, 2014

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As my second exemplary con experience, Naka Kon sealed my fate.  I am now totally addicted to anime and multimedia conventions.


Experiencing Naka was a huge learning curve in my con repertoire that I’d like to share. The age group of convention-goers varied immensely; and it was the same with the cosplayers! There was a huge group of Homestuck cosplayers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Frozen, Disney, Legend of Zelda, and other great nerd titles. There were more Link cosplays than expected, and quite a bit fewer Kill la Kill cosplayers than anticipated, but the convention had a fun and relaxing atmosphere that made a nerd feel at home. Even the non-cosplayers dressed up in a multitude of nerd gear — headphones, backpacks, animal ears, tails, and goggles were all a common sight when browsing the convention halls. There were tons of people taking photos of the cosplayers and the cosplayers were gracefully receptive to their needs. Almost no one was turned down for a picture.

The panels were interesting and filled up quickly. The late night panels were extremely funny and well-organized. I enjoyed the music put on at the danes, and the people at the dance parties were neither overbearing nor unfriendly. The game room was a dream come true (24-hours!), and the vendor exhibits were out-of-this-world. Definitely a convention I will be returning to! Thanks everyone for allowing me to photograph you and showing me a great time!


Group Cosplay Ideas: Team Rocket Con Flash Mob January 12, 2014

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Group cosplays are a beautiful thing.

You arrive at a convention, greet all of your friends, and find yourself a part of a creative project that gives you a sense of belonging.

Plus it’s the pinnacle of nerd fun!

One of my dreams is for me and every other person I know to create a uniform from team rocket from the Pokemon series


And then head to the convention and spread out to explore.

With this many Rockets on the lose, those Pokemon cosplayers will be keeping a tight hold on their Pokemon.


conventions02 copy

Plus there are others to mix into the group for added flair and photosets:


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More group ideas soon! Let me know what your feedback is for making these uniforms as I never have before!

-kait the nerd