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WOAH! Brownies so Fast You’ll Flip! July 19, 2011

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MMMMM, Brownies.

Who doesn’t love a little choc-lately, gooey, fresh-from-the-oven treat now and then? I’m all about the brownies… but most days I don’t even have the time to turn on the oven at m apartment.

When you’re a busy little bee with no time for snack with long prep… The internet comes to the rescue.

By using the (amazing) Firefox toolbar for StumbleUpon when I ‘stumbled’ on a cooking infographic that has changed my life forever.

Ha, you guessed it. Brownies. Fast. 3-minutes-fast.


I found the beautiful recipe here and here, because the original I stumbled upon was not available.  Take a look and note there are many ways to alter the recipe slightly for better results.

FOR EXAMPLE: Many people have complained the 3-minute-brownies are too dry or bland.

To compensate I added a little extra milk and a little more sugar.


As many of you know, I’m not a big milk drinker. Through proboitics I’ve gotten to the point where I can have dairy product now and then but once you’ve switched over to soy milk it’s tough to change back.

SO here is where I mention how when I subbed in Silk Vanilla soy milk for the milk in the recipe it was WAY BETTER! I think it’s because Silk is a little sweeter than most milks.

Let me know what you find out for your recipe twists on the 3-minute-brownie!