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The journey of a future science teacher and her struggles with geekdom and nerd culture.

Education is a journey September 20, 2015

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I don’t maintain this blog. No one does.

It sets in cyberspace and is ignored… All the better place for me to get to work reinventing myself. So let’s break out the passwords and dust off the page views, this blog is going to be back in business. Besides, what better way to track my inner thoughts as I complete my last year of school?

On Japan’s school lunch menu: A healthy meal, made from scratch

Part of the reason maintaining this blog is so difficult is because I’m interested in a lot of things. A huge diversity that can’t be covered by one blog title, even the creatively un-specific one I have now. For example, tonight I took a homework break and ended up researching Lolita dresses and Japanese school lunches

This is how I do my thinking. Not exactly a smooth train of thought. Bumpy ride and all that. So, as a reinventing writer might do, I begin with a brainstorm of all the things I like to write and blog.

things I’ve written about in the past, and will continue with:

Video games, costume play, anime, music, food, culture, diversity, conventions

things I would like to write about more:

fashion, style, talent, art, writing, thinking, teaching, science, nerds, and other hobbies

things I’m not sure what to do with:

my rants, pet peeves, politics, old blog entries

things I want to avoid:

oppression, misanthropy, mean spirited writing

Anything you want to see? Now would be an excellent time to leave a comment with posts you would like to see in the future.

Thanks for continuing to follow the Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure Teacher!


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