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Adventures in Cheap Snacking July 28, 2010

Plinky, every time you prompt me about food, I always have to try not to dwell on the thought of it, especially in light of my dairy allergy.

I was once a typical adolescent girl; ice creams and chocolate were my comfort foods. Been there, done that. Now I can’t have milk products AND I’m a broke college student. What’s a girl to do?

Well since I’m rather smart and cunning, I’ve devised a few clever recipes for comfort foods for the non-dairy and cost-conscience.

First on my list of cheap treats is the latest favorite among my colleagues: Graham crackers and frosting.

Graham crackers run about $3 a box (because you can’t buy the generic brands – they don’t taste as good and get stale more quickly) and you can get almost any kind of cake frosting for about $1.50 (I usually go for the Pillsbury kind with the sprinkles to satisfy my inner child). And this is a treat that will last you a while too (depending on how much of it you eat!)

Another twist on this treat is to try graham crackers with peanut butter, which is another of my favorites.

Second on my comfort food list is all about the fruit, which tends to be a lot more expensive when it’s not in season (like it is here now). My friends and I take a couple nights a week to create a fruit bowl smorgasbord , complete with chocolate syrup, powdered sugar and peanut butter for toppings.

The fruits I’d recommend are strawberries, apples, and bananas, but you can choose whatever your favorites are to add into the mix.

The last food on my list of comfort might surprise you, until you take notice that I work in a bakery-cafe (Panera Bread Co)… Baguettes and butter! For me, there’s nothing like the taste of fresh bread. Plain or with butter, dipped in soups, with coffee on the side, or even a little peanut butter on top if I’m feeling crazy.

I’m still young and in the midst of my journey to find delicious non-dairy snacks, but hopefully this will get you off to a good start.

Stay yummy!

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Recovering Milk Addict