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The Last Time I Thanked Someone July 2, 2010

Last night, my roommate turned in the driver’s seat of her car and said to me:

“Kaitlin, I apologize in advance but… We’re getting pizza tonight.”

The “P” word. I resented the prospect of being subject to watching my friends eat pizza because I am allergic to milk and I had to give up on pizza forever as of last summer.

Naturally I was a little put out.

“No big deal Katelyn, you guys can get pizza.”

“It’s okay girl, we’ll buy you bread sticks with no cheese!”

“For real? Thank you so much Katelyn!”

And I was set. I was truly pleased that my friends thought enough of me to provide something for the non-dairy girl to munch on while they enjoy their pizza. A good night for team K-squared (That is, Katelyn & I)!

Kaitlin Tow
For People Against Dairy!


2 Responses to “The Last Time I Thanked Someone”

  1. prafeston Says:

    My step-brother chooses to not eat cheese volunteerily. Not sure why, but he’ll order his own pizza when we eat as a family. All the toppings and sause minus the cheese. Looks weird, but it’s worth trying!

    • superkait Says:

      Oooh, cheese-less pizza. I’ve found a few that are actually REALLY good (and not too weird-looking!) My favorite cheese-less pizza is the BLT – bacon, lettuce & mayo on top on sauce and pizza crust–no cheese required!
      Thanks for the suggestion–I’ll look into a supreme pizza with no cheese soon.

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