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Education is a journey September 20, 2015

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I don’t maintain this blog. No one does.

It sets in cyberspace and is ignored… All the better place for me to get to work reinventing myself. So let’s break out the passwords and dust off the page views, this blog is going to be back in business. Besides, what better way to track my inner thoughts as I complete my last year of school?

On Japan’s school lunch menu: A healthy meal, made from scratch

Part of the reason maintaining this blog is so difficult is because I’m interested in a lot of things. A huge diversity that can’t be covered by one blog title, even the creatively un-specific one I have now. For example, tonight I took a homework break and ended up researching Lolita dresses and Japanese school lunches

This is how I do my thinking. Not exactly a smooth train of thought. Bumpy ride and all that. So, as a reinventing writer might do, I begin with a brainstorm of all the things I like to write and blog.

things I’ve written about in the past, and will continue with:

Video games, costume play, anime, music, food, culture, diversity, conventions

things I would like to write about more:

fashion, style, talent, art, writing, thinking, teaching, science, nerds, and other hobbies

things I’m not sure what to do with:

my rants, pet peeves, politics, old blog entries

things I want to avoid:

oppression, misanthropy, mean spirited writing

Anything you want to see? Now would be an excellent time to leave a comment with posts you would like to see in the future.

Thanks for continuing to follow the Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure Teacher!


Naka Kon 2014 March 17, 2014

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As my second exemplary con experience, Naka Kon sealed my fate.  I am now totally addicted to anime and multimedia conventions.


Experiencing Naka was a huge learning curve in my con repertoire that I’d like to share. The age group of convention-goers varied immensely; and it was the same with the cosplayers! There was a huge group of Homestuck cosplayers, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Frozen, Disney, Legend of Zelda, and other great nerd titles. There were more Link cosplays than expected, and quite a bit fewer Kill la Kill cosplayers than anticipated, but the convention had a fun and relaxing atmosphere that made a nerd feel at home. Even the non-cosplayers dressed up in a multitude of nerd gear — headphones, backpacks, animal ears, tails, and goggles were all a common sight when browsing the convention halls. There were tons of people taking photos of the cosplayers and the cosplayers were gracefully receptive to their needs. Almost no one was turned down for a picture.

The panels were interesting and filled up quickly. The late night panels were extremely funny and well-organized. I enjoyed the music put on at the danes, and the people at the dance parties were neither overbearing nor unfriendly. The game room was a dream come true (24-hours!), and the vendor exhibits were out-of-this-world. Definitely a convention I will be returning to! Thanks everyone for allowing me to photograph you and showing me a great time!


Group Cosplay Ideas: Team Rocket Con Flash Mob January 12, 2014

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Group cosplays are a beautiful thing.

You arrive at a convention, greet all of your friends, and find yourself a part of a creative project that gives you a sense of belonging.

Plus it’s the pinnacle of nerd fun!

One of my dreams is for me and every other person I know to create a uniform from team rocket from the Pokemon series


And then head to the convention and spread out to explore.

With this many Rockets on the lose, those Pokemon cosplayers will be keeping a tight hold on their Pokemon.


conventions02 copy

Plus there are others to mix into the group for added flair and photosets:


[cosplay photos from]

More group ideas soon! Let me know what your feedback is for making these uniforms as I never have before!

-kait the nerd



P4:Shirogane The Killjoy Detective December 16, 2013

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"K-Killjoy!? What is this? Who came up with this demeaning epithet?!"

Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena was a character that surprised me in a big way and thus also made a lasting impression on me. In the game and anime Naoto is introduced as a male junior detective. **SPOILER** Closer to the end of the game, we discover Naoto struggles with being treated as and feeling inferior because of her age, and tries to cover up her true gender to guard against the misgivings that she cannot fit the model of a “detective” she wishes for. I really empathized with Naoto’s thoughts that being male would be more convenient. .*//END SPOILER**
♥ All of this made me into a super-huge Naoto fan but going out and actually trying to role play as Naoto would be difficult for someone like me and so I’m organized some of my thoughts on RPing as this video game character.



1) Naoto is Serious Business

Naoto is “the killjoy detective” in persona arena and it’s a fitting title.
When role playing her it is important to maintain your composure and stick to your guns as far as discussions go. Shirogane is very verbal and likes to explain and re-explain things for clarity, using the most pragmatic approach possible. She’s also a know-it-all and can be logical to a fault. Considering Naoto has loved mystery novels since childhood, role playing her can sometimes be as simple as approaching every situation with an array of detective-esce questions. She’s very Type A; often Naoto takes the initiative in organizing people and events. She’s dedicated to her work and will pour herself into any project she undertakes.

2) Naoto Doesn’t Play Nice with Others

Part of the joy of cosplaying a detective character is that detectives both solve mysteries while maintaining a mysterious demeanor. Naoto is not the type of character to offer up personal information. She is socially adept and perfectly fine introducing herself but does so in a concise and professional manner, and can come off as cold in social situations because of her regal air. Thus, even close friends only see Naoto’s true self in embarrassed glimpses—she is shy about her self image and sharing it with others is new to her.

3) Compliments

Naoto is typically pretty shy when the crowds’ attention is on anything other than her intellect. So when one is roleplaying as Naoto and another cosplayer wants to comment on her physical features, Naoto’s first reaction is to get either angry or embarrassed. Or possibly both.


4) Speak Easy


One of the most interesting features of P4 and the development of Naoto Shirogane’s character was how Naoto’s voice developed over the game. To cover her shyness about her gender, Naoto will speak in a low, gruff, but easily understood voice that commands attention. However, as she becomes more comfortable around her friends her voice actually goes up in pitch over the course of the game. When she is communicating to others or setting up a new theory, Naoto readily recalls and re-describes a situation or event and speaks using precise (and often big) words to fit with her high I.Q.


5) That Look on her Face

Naoto isn’t the type to be tipsy and over zealous at social gatherings. While perhaps not opposed to a responsible drink, Naoto doesn’t ever really “loosen up” and sticks to her “killjoy detective” tagline. He face is usually hard to read as far as expressions go. This is an important aspect that reflects both the mysterious demeanor Naoto casts on herself and the shyness and social anxiety she experiences.


Thanks for taking a read of my cosplay notes.

I hope that if you ever want to role play in this character’s shoes that these notes are helpful to you.

Feel free to leave me feedback as well~ ♥ Superkait


Superkait’s Cosplay Guide Version 1.0 December 15, 2013

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–this post is under construction–

Personal Cosplay Interests

Group Cosplay

Favorite Inspirations


Re-modeling December 11, 2013

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To those that still follow after two years of latency, I am back.

Superkait returns with a concrete theme for her blog– that is: Nerdom. When I say Nerdom I can only hope you get a similar picture as I do; video games, science, action figures, cosplay and memes. These are the new focus of my WordPress site.

In any case I’m starting to re-market this space as one for nerds and geeks and gamers, so feel free to follow or unfollow as you see fit.

— U P D A T E —

I have also created a Tumblr, as a faster way of reposting ideas for the stuff that’ll be posting here.

Come visit me and my pretty pictures!


WOAH! Brownies so Fast You’ll Flip! July 19, 2011

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MMMMM, Brownies.

Who doesn’t love a little choc-lately, gooey, fresh-from-the-oven treat now and then? I’m all about the brownies… but most days I don’t even have the time to turn on the oven at m apartment.

When you’re a busy little bee with no time for snack with long prep… The internet comes to the rescue.

By using the (amazing) Firefox toolbar for StumbleUpon when I ‘stumbled’ on a cooking infographic that has changed my life forever.

Ha, you guessed it. Brownies. Fast. 3-minutes-fast.


I found the beautiful recipe here and here, because the original I stumbled upon was not available.  Take a look and note there are many ways to alter the recipe slightly for better results.

FOR EXAMPLE: Many people have complained the 3-minute-brownies are too dry or bland.

To compensate I added a little extra milk and a little more sugar.


As many of you know, I’m not a big milk drinker. Through proboitics I’ve gotten to the point where I can have dairy product now and then but once you’ve switched over to soy milk it’s tough to change back.

SO here is where I mention how when I subbed in Silk Vanilla soy milk for the milk in the recipe it was WAY BETTER! I think it’s because Silk is a little sweeter than most milks.

Let me know what you find out for your recipe twists on the 3-minute-brownie!